Verdun is a convenient place to live if you work downtown, and is perfect for young urban families not wanting to waste time commuting. The peaceful community includes neighbourhoods filled with green space and cultural amenities. All services are just minutes away.

The borough is well known for its vibrant community life. Both the areas bisected by Wellington Street and L’Île-des-Soeurs (Nuns’ Island) feature a wealth of attractions. The bicycle paths and playgrounds have become popular meeting places. Wellington Street, with its charming cafés, bakeries, butcher shops and boutiques, reflects the borough’s ongoing revitalization.

Participating Artists

Amélie Lamontagne
Annie Etchessahar
Arianne Poitras
Cynthia Fournier
Véronique Grauby
Thibault Carron
Ten Asselin
Tanha Gomes
Sara-Leila G-Dumont
Galen Evi
Ghyslaine Payant
Jocelyn Fiset
Jocelyne Thibault
Mansoureh Rezaei
Alain Chagnon
Justine Biard
Karine Fournier
Marie Faribault
Zhiheng Su
Caroline Barber
Caroline Perron
Élise Bérard
Jocelyne Ménard
Lou Drouin
Lucie Chicoine
Marie-Line Leblanc
Nathalie Lussier
Lisette Tardy
Itzel Lara Martinez
Étienne Bédard
Ibnou Ndiaye
Zachary Lecker

Guest Artists
Stéphane Dionne
Caroline Hayeur
Émile Phaneuf
Hannah Claus
Patsy Van Roost
Michel Depatie