Le Plateau Mont-Royal

Spreading out at the foot of Mount Royal, Le Plateau Mont-Royal overlooks downtown Montreal. The area is abuzz with community life and exudes its own brand of charm. Its narrow tree-lined streets, profusion of green alleyways and colourful outdoor staircases are part of this borough’s signature style. Tranquil residential areas are mere steps away from bustling commercial streets. The bars, restaurants and boutiques make it the hip area of town.

From May to September, some 100 local and international events take place here. In all of Montreal, residents here use cars the least to get around. Everything they need is within walking distance! Business is booming in this borough. Le Plateau Mont-Royal is home to nearly 5,000 mostly small businesses—mainly in the fields of multimedia production, culture and food.

Participating Artists

Alain Chagnon
Karine Fournier
Eric Bergevin
Jean Dufresne
Justine (Loopkin) Biard
Lucie Bélanger
Marie Faribault
Zhiheng Su
Sylvie Fusade
Pierre Sirois
Sylvain Marotte
Gigi Perron
antoine Gautier
Catherine Arsenault
cecile Andreu
Colette Bordeleau
Danielle Hébert
Francois Gourd
Geneviève Roy
Jashim Emilia Rodriguez Paniagua
Jasmine Allan-Côté
Jean-François Bérubé
Josianne Cyr
Lynda Fredette
Lyne P. Pelletier
Marie-Cécile Bouchard
Marie-Hélène Montpetit
Marie-Josée Perreault
Marion Lancelin
Myriam Belley
Nicole Mongeon-Cardin
Norman Rickert
Patrick Leblanc
Réal Capuano
Soufïa Bensaïd
Frédéric Gayer
Anita Lavallée
Linda Vachon
Martin-Frédric Daigle
Anne-Marie Fauteux
Marie Pierantonio
VIrginie Maltais
école Lanaudière
Duo Art Nomade Elsa Charpentier & King Nobody
Melba Montagne
Rémy Guenin

Artists fron Lille (France)
Bruno Desplanques
Patrick Genty
Laura Gourmel
Coraline Magny
Laurent Decke
Patricia Zygomalas
Matthieu Auxent
Gérard Troël
Gianni Cappelletti
Frédéric Royer

Guest artists
Stéphane Dionne
Caroline Hayeur
Émile Phaneuf
Hannah Claus
Patsy Van Roost
Michel Depatie