Mercier – Hochelaga Maisonneuve (Ho-Ma)

Why is there so much construction in the borough of Mercier–Hochelaga‑Maisonneuve? Because developers have been both spurring and responding to an influx of new residents. Huge industrial buildings are being converted into lofts and co-ops. The Victorian houses are more colourful than ever, and the suburban-style blocks are increasingly popular with young families.

Innovation is everywhere, as seen in the modern housing developments at Place Valois and the Contrecoeur site. A favourite among today’s younger generation, this borough is on the way up. A step away from the Olympic Stadium and close to Denise-Pelletier Theatre, HoMa has many restaurants and offers plenty in the way of entertainment.

Participating Artists

Bruno Dos Santos
Carolline Auclair
Charles Thibaudeau
Claude Leblanc
Dominique Valade
Elise Laframboise
Geneviève LeBel
Guylaine Cloutier
Jacques Lebleu
Jean Pierre Girard
Joceline Chabot
Jocelyn Fiset
Julie Salkowski
Linda Turgeon
Mansoureh Rezaei
Marie Faribault
Marjolène Rivest
Marie-Line Pierre-Antoine (Plastic Mama)
Sarabeth Trivino
Suzanne Aubin-Forest
Jacqueline van de Geer

Guest artists
Stéphane Dionne
Caroline Hayeur
Émile Phaneuf
Hannah Claus
Patsy Van Roost
Michel Depatie